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Tutoring my grandmother inspired me to create Essential Tech Tutoring for Adults:

granddaughter and grandmother

Hi! I'm Bria. I've always been close with my paternal grandmother, a  fiercely independent woman we call 'SullyGram.' 


She used to call me and leave me endearing voice messages from her flip phone that I cherished. But when she began losing her hearing, it became too frustrating for her to strain to hear my voice over the phone so she stopped calling. I was devastated and concerned this would further alienate her from communicating with our family. 


That's when I set about to teach an 86-year-old computer illiterate woman how to text message. 

In 2014 I began with weekly Sunday lessons on how to text "Y" for "Yes" and "N" for "No" on her flip phone. After roughly 6 consecutive weeks she could do it with ease and confidence. 6 weeks later she was writing short sentences. 2 years later, I observed the difficulty she was having using a small screen and keyboard to initiate longer conversation, so I bought her a Smartphone in 2016 and started the tutoring regimen all over again.

These days she writes expressive paragraphs, keeps her grocery list in an app, snaps and sends images, expresses emotions using emoji, forwards messages, group chats, plays games, "talks to Alexa" on a tablet, and can even carry out phone calls using the loud speakerphone feature! 


She turned 94-years-young on March 22, 2021. 

I'm on a mission to empower adults and seniors

to use technology with confidence. 


My tutoring method actively engages the learner by leveraging their preferred learning style.

I employ repetition, role-playing, scenario-responses and I check for long-term recall

with real-world prompts.  


This helps adult learners to build upon learned concepts to overcome tech fear and anxiety.

On average, committed learners move from confusion to confidence

in 6 consecutive sessions. 


I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts. 

I began my career at an email marketing company as a tech support phone operator. It was there that I learned genuine patience and understanding when it came to resolving computer problems for busy adults and seniors.


Later I learned how to produce live corporate training and marketing webinars which taught me how to run professional online teaching events at large scare. I learned how to pivot in response to all manner of technical difficulties. You name it, I've troubleshooted it and therefore will not be phased by your frustration, confusion, or challenge.  


I also worked in Higher Education as an Instructional Designer. I developed a 12-week blended learning course for adults and seniors on how to use video conferencing software and hardware to cut down on travel expenses and pollution.  


As an online events manager, I tutored a team of 12 adults over the age of 55 on how to use Zoom professionally to mount a formerly in-person lecture series entirely via Zoom. Their non-profit was able to offer events online to their community and were able to reach an international audience for the first time, helping them to increase donations as well as membership under my guidance. 

I have also worked in Learning and Development within a Senior Living company developing courses and visual aids, graphics and documents intended to promote a vibrant corporate culture of learning and aid in behavioral change management.


I have worked with countless adults as a tutor helping them to understand how to use their cellphones, computers, tablets and TVs. I have taught individuals how to use specific software as well as how to harness the power of social media. 

I am confident I can teach committed adult learners what they need to know to be productive, to stay connected and to enjoy life on the internet. 


We'd love to hear from you

(617) 749-2524

Senior Couple
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